Judea Harvest was founded in 1999 in Kempton Park, South Africa. The Group consists of 3 departments that are managed by CEO’s:
Dr. Kola de Klerk is the leader of Judea Harvest, Ms Thea Blom is the leader of Judea Hope and Dr. Danie Reynecke is heading Judea Training. Dr. Louis Blom, one of the founders, is the President of the Judea Group.


JUDEA HARVEST, the first ministry department, started as a support intervention for local churches with regards to evangelism crusades in Africa. The mission was to mobilise, to equip and to offer resources to God’s labourers to bring in the harvest. Judea assisted local pastors with evangelism crusades, and within five years, 10 000 crusades were conducted in sponsored Judea Harvest marquee tents. The ministry was then challenged to assist pastors with church planting. This led to deploying the marquee tents for church planting purposes and during 2017 Judea Harvest celebrated tent church plant number 3 000. Marquee tents are not only cost-effective, but it is also an easy and practical method to plant churches in Africa. Judea tents are also used for community projects.

The Church Planting Department currently also assist pastors with a permanent structured building, called SNAP. A SNAP church is a pre-fabricated building which is assembled on the church site within a week. This project is done in partnership with International Cooperating Ministries (ICM). Since 2017 more than 150 pastors were assisted with the SNAP church project. SNAP churches are also used as community centres and day-care centres.

Judea Harvest also introduced the John Journey program to Africa. John Journey is an evangelism, discipleship and church planting program. The program is presented through printed books, audio and video resources. Over the last 15 years, more than 100 000 students completed the John Journey program. The result is that thousands were reached with the gospel and 7 715 house churches were planted. An estimated 900 community churches were established that started in John Journey house churches. Judea currently operates in 28 African countries.


JUDEA HOPE is the social and community up-liftment department of the Group. The vision of Judea Hope is to develop individuals into educated and successful people that are able to contribute to their environment. They are encouraged to have a zeal for the Kingdom and to live as believers with high Christian values.

Various up-liftment programs are presented in local communities. The food packing events offer churches, youth groups, schools and corporate companies a platform to partake in packing dry ration-meals for pre-school children. The meals are scientifically developed by Dr Anton Janse van Rensburg, a nutritional specialist. More than 5 million meals were packed over the past 8 years. During 2015, in one event, Judea Hope synchronised and managed the packing of 1 million dry ration meals in 36 hours (Pretoria, South Africa).

With more than 1 300 pre-schools operational in the Judea world, there was a great need to offer teachers a relevant and practical early childhood discipleship course. Thus, Judea Hope developed the Elevate program. This program focuses on childhood discipleship, whole brain learning, sensory-, motor development and health and nutrition. Cognitive-, emotional, social-, and language development concludes the program with other subjects such as life-skills. The Elevate program is a structured course and is registered with the Association of Christian Religious Practitioners (ACRP). Students receive 20 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points on completion. ACRP is a training regulatory body appointed by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for all ministry practitioners in South Africa. All students are registered as Child Ministry Practitioners. The Elevate motto is “elevate nutrition, elevate training and elevate children’s development.”

Judea Hope also assists pre-schools with vegetable tunnels. This program includes the establishment of the food tunnels, providing seed, training and support for the following year. Children are encouraged to learn agriculture by being actively involved in observing the vegetable tunnel. During 2019 Judea Hope established 30 vegetable tunnels.

Judea Hope also assists pastors and ECD teachers with constructing new pre-schools. These buildings bring hope and dignity to those who cannot afford to attend mainstream centres. Judea Hope celebrated the establishment of 14 ECD centres in 2020. Together, Judea Harvest, Judea Training and Judea Hope form the JUDEA GROUP.


The vision of Judea Training is to equip the unqualified African pastor for the ministry.


To train 1 million novel African pastors over the next ten years.