Aim of the Programme

The aim of this programme is to deliver a new generation of leaders and churches that have been trained to disciple new believers more effectively. Christianity in Africa is in need of believers who are completely transformed by Christ. Through these believers, communities can be transformed. New churches and believers should be able to continue with this multiplication discipleship process with little help or influence from others.


Christian leaders should be developed to become fathers in the faith that can, in turn, guide children and young men and women in the faith. Thus, this programme will equip and resource local leaders to take the responsibility to evangelize and transform their own communities for Christ. By this, a sustainable and growing Christianity in Africa will be ensured.


The near-term outcomes Judea Training expects from this programme, is that thousands of pastors will adopt a more holistic ministry strategy that will focus on discipleship. This approach would produce the much-needed life change displayed by Christians in Africa. Previous evangelism strategies were in general a one-sided approach, focusing on salvation that were offered in mass crusades only. With the training of untrained pastors and leaders, Judea Training aims at correcting this one-sided approach by providing training and relevant ministry tools to the untrained pastor.

The Programme Outlines JUDEA TRAINING

Since the birth of Judea Harvest, training has always played an important role in the ministry. Pastor Kola de Klerk, the CEO of Judea Harvest, has trained more than 50,000 students with the John Journey Programme in West Africa. The John Journey is an evangelism and discipleship programme, which also train people to plant house churches. The motivation behind John Journey is to offer an effective and practical method for pastors, spiritual leaders and believers to reach the lost with the gospel. The John Journey course was developed by Dr Louis Blom.

However, during 2013 Judea Training was founded to train the millions of untrained pastors in Africa. To reach these vast numbers of pastors, Judea training formed a partnership with Teach Every Nation (TEN), led by Dr Bruce Wilkinson. TEN developed 28 courses and these were produced via a live Satellite Broadcast system. Broadcasts took place at a local church or house via satellite in a given community, called a Judea Training campus. Through these broadcasts, thousands of students were reached with TEN courses. By the end of 2015 more than 22,000 courses were presented in SADC alone. The current form of training takes place via DVD and workbooks.


Judea Training has several training centres. Master Training takes place at Three Trees at Judea Head Office, in Pretoria. Another of these centres is called the ASM campus. Situated next to the Kruger National Park, this campus is fully functional with 180 beds available. There are ample classrooms and teaching facilities with a complete library. The campus has functional kitchens and swimming pools and a very special prayer mount. There is also a church building which can seat 600 people. Trainers attend a once a year contact class at these training campuses.

Judea Training and MBC have become partners in taking training to the people. The mission of this partnership is to equip the untrained African pastor with cost-effective and sound Biblical training.

The primary focus of Judea Training is to equip the untrained pastor and his/her leadership for the ministry. To reach this goal all the CEO’s of Judea Harvest Group, Dr Danie Reynecke, Pastor Kola de Klerk, Dr Louis Blom and Thea Blom work together in the Judea Training leg.

Judea Training is also in partnership with ACRP. ACRP has been recognised by and registered with SAQA as a professional body for Christian Religious Practitioners in South Africa.



Mini Bible College Solar audio unit or

Card Reader


Audio self-guide

1 day Trainer contact class

Regional Manager



John Journey Strategy
Evangelism Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Discipleship Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Church Planting Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Lion Church Planting Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Relationship Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Fundraising Principles Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers
Fundraising Techniques Books & DVD Day contact classes Teachers


Equip Book 4 x Contact Classes Teachers &
9 Subjects Self-study


Equip Book 4 x Contact Classes Teachers &
9 Subjects Self study


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